Hi, I'm Yudith

Born in Austin TX and raised in Mexico where I also Graduated from a Bachelors in Visual Communication, with a concentration in Graphic Design. Along with my husband Abel, we are co-owners of Cedano Photography and Cotton Candy Photobooth.

A little bit about Abel

He is an Audio-Visual Lead Technician and he loves to work with screens and technology. 

Photography  became a bit part of his life when he joined me in 2015 during weddings and session, making sure every single detail was covered, including the audio and visual areas. 

Abel,  being part of the photography team as a second shooter and assistant is a huge key in our team. 

Besides working together, he enjoys cutting his yard, trying new cuisines and expanding his cooking skills. 

A little more about me

I knew I wanted to be a Photographer at the age of 4, when I sneaked into my grandfather's bedroom, grabbed his 35mm camera and snapped a  few shots without him noticing. Photography and arts have always been part of my family. As I grew up, my grandfather and I grew in apart countries. But the love for photography grew stronger with every year. 

I currently live in Houston and I am a natural light and studio photographer, specializing in portraits, lifestyle & traditional photography. I love capturing the essence of life through a lens and turning moments into lifetime memories.

For personal projects, I enjoy creating dramatic, fine art and surreal photography.

Travel is my second passion, and I love to challenge myself by shooting in new settings. My style is a reflection of what inspires me; whether it's a stunning landscape, a tender moment, or just the perfect light.

If you are in need of a photographer, look no more,  I am your girl, send me a message and let's talk over a tea, a lemonade, an ice-cream or coffee if you prefer!

The Procces 

Before a session like to have a phone or chat with our clients to go over some essential details for the shoot.

With our  engagement or wedding couples we like to meetup if possible as I believe this is key in order to document and capture the true essence of their love story.

Getting to know each other and share a common vision is essential to my process, so I always make sure that we have the chance to bond and share tips.

Other photography and personal projects

Yudith and Abel  have also covered public events for HAY, Via colori, and other. 

Part of her portfolio also contains, editorial and landscape photography. 

Yudith had her very first  Photography Exhibit in The Gallery "Eleonor Jackson" in Montemorelo Nuevo Leon, during the year 2009, with the title "Morfosis" , in wich she shared space with her college Ivan Martinez.  During this Art Exhibit, they presented they artistic photography pieces with the theme of "change" or who they called it "Morfosis"-The change and transformation that slowly involves our every day. 

She also, contributed twice during the  years 2014 and 2015 in The Round Rock Art Gallery, with her personal surrealistic photography. 



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